Lab Ratz Science Club offers a creative, hands-on approach to teaching young students about science’s biggest questions. We provide insight into all the major fields of science with emphasis on creativity and individual discovery. Students are encouraged to reach conclusions on their own and are given opportunities to apply the scientific principles they learn to both real and imagined scenarios. Classes are designed to stimulate a multi-sensory learning experience, prompted by carefully presented questions from the instructor (audio), detailed lab manuals (visual) and first-hand experimentation (tactile).

Lab Ratz Science Club is meant to compliment the students’ school science curriculum by building on what they already know. Participation in Lab Ratz Science Club increases a student’s likelihood of comprehending and retaining information through hands-on participation and guided experimentation. Our unique presentation of the material does not pressure students to memorize facts, but instead encourages them to understand ideas and how they pertain to the world. This, along with a small group environment, increases the amount of individual attention paid to each student’s interests and inquiries. It is our goal to give students a perspective of science that promotes curiosity, problem-solving, and discovery — characteristics that can be applied throughout life.