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After School Club Program

Our exciting after school program meets once a week for five weeks. During each class, participants explore one topic. Activities and experiments differ from week to week, session to session and year to year so that students may participate more than once and never experience the same thing. Students are encouraged to employ their individual creative abilities during each class to apply the scientific principles presented by the Lab Ratz Instructors. In the process, the children learn by first-hand experience and are led by the instructor to discovery, rather than being taught by lecture.

In addition, Lab Ratz Science Inc. offers packages to include the entire student body of your school, individual financial aid and flexible program topics. To find out more, or if you are interested in bringing the Lab Ratz Science Club to your school, please contact us via the “Contact The Scientists” link in the menu on at left.

Each topic can be geared to either elementary (K-5) or middle (6-8) school students, with different experiments and instruction methods employed specifically to reach students of different ages.

The tentative schedule of topics is found below. To find out what session you school is currently participating in, check the “Schedules and Info” link in the sections menu on the left of the Main Page.

Tentative Schedule of Topics

Session One

1. The Scientific Method – A fun, messy introduction to creative experimentation

2. Animals and Adaptation – Using live animal specimens, we explore the link between living organisms and their environments

3. Chemical Changes and Physical Changes – Students mix, smash and explode various substances to explore how chemical reactions work

4. Human Body – With models and unique activities we explore the inner workings of the human body. For older students, or upon request, we offer a dissection of a real dogfish shark!

5. Acids and Bases – What are acids? We look in depth at these amazing chemicals and their opposites, bases, and explore different methods of identifying them

Session Two

1. Microscopes and Microbes – Students will explore some of the living creature that are too small to see with the naked eye

2. Magnetism – Through experimentation, students will gain an understanding of how magnetism works and will make several different kinds of magnets

3. Mixtures, Solutions, and Suspensions – Where does sugar go when you stir it into water? Why does oil float on water? We find out in this fun and messy lesson.

4. Sound Waves – Using a Theremin and an Electric Guitar, students explore how sound is generated and how it travels

5. Trees and Leaves – Students explore different species of tree and use chemistry to extract and separate the colored pigments from leaves

Session Three

1. Observation and Physical Properties – We make a mess to explore how scientists get information and how they use it

2. Atoms, Molecules, and Matter – Students learn how molecules form, how elements differ from one another and witness a series of amazing explosions and reactions

3. Motors – Students construct different types of motor and test them to see how they work.

4. Fossil Hunt – Here we explore how fossilization occurs and then find real fossils that the students get to keep!

5. The Wonders of Flight – We work together to understand aerodynamics and flight by building and testing different flying vehicles

Session Four

1. Plants and Seeds – By dissecting seeds and fruits we learn the functions of both

2. Action and Reaction – By launching rockets and other small vehicles students will explore one of the laws of physics

3. Bones and Skeletons – Here students will work with bones and skeletons to learn the different purposes they serve in the body and how they fit together

4. Electricity and Generating Charges – Students will experiment with electricity by generating charges and becoming human lightning rods!

5. Asteroids and Collisions – What happens when two objects crash together? We find out through activities that involve smashing and crashing a host of items

Session Five

1. Inertia – Here we explore a law of physics by launching, tossing, bouncing, spinning and throwing, different materials and objects

2. Growing Crystals – Students learn how crystals form and how to grow crystals in a beaker from exotic chemicals as well as simple, safe household materials

3. Insects – Student explore how insects develop and what makes them unique

4. Waves, Light and Color – Here students conduct amazing experiments with the human eye, light, pigments and lasers

5. Density – Why does a huge ocean liner float yet a tiny penny will sink? We explore the concept of density to answer this question and more

Session Six

1. Experiments With Icebergs – Fun experiments that focus on exploring the properties of ice.

2. Agar and Growing Bacteria and Fungi – Students will grow germs from classroom surfaces, make microscope slides of their specimens and then observe them with a microscope

3. Friction – We explore the force of friction with hands on activities and amazing demonstrations

4. Electricity and Circuits – Student will explore how electricity and electrical components work and will then test these concepts by constructing switches, simple circuits and even a radios

5. The Science of Bubbles – Participants explore the unique properties of water, surface tension, surfactants and solvents. This is put to use as we create bubbles in a multitude of different sizes, shapes and configurations and then test how they behave, how light travels through them and much more.

 **Club topics can be added, changed, or created to suit specific groups, ages, and interests**

Classroom Visits, Custom programs, Olympiads and Assemblies

Looking for a short program for a small group? Or, perhaps you need a guest speaker for a multiple day Science Olympiad. We will bring the Lab Ratz Science Program to your school for a classroom visit! (Prices vary based on group size, program length and topic {From $3-$10/student/hour.})


Our Science Olympiad programs are truly the best in town. Nobody else does what we do, with the excitement, energy and education that our team of experts will bring to your school. Our Olympiad Workshops are designed as a station for the students to rotate through in teams. Each workshop can last anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on your scheduling requirements. Choose from one of our popular prepared topics or select your own topic and let the Lab Ratz design a workshop that fits your curriculum. All of our Science Olympiad topics are age-appropriate for students of all ages and abilities.

Prepared Science Olympiad Topics

Chemical and Physical Changes
Matter and Energy
Organisms, Adaptation and Environment
Electricity and Magnetism
Acids and Bases
Forces and Motion
Cells and Microbes

Science Olympiad Program Pricing
(For 40 minute station/workshop length)

<251 students    $8/Student
251 – 500 students   $6/Student
>500 students    $5/Student



Looking for an educational assembly? Our assembly program consists of exciting, visual and interactive demonstrations aimed at students in grades 1-5 and 6-8. The length of the program varies based on your needs (from 20 min to 60 min) and the duration of all assemblies can be modified to fit your schedule. Choose from one of our prepared assembly topics or choose your own topic and let us build an assembly specifically for you and your students. (Prices vary by program length and content {$350-$450})

Matter and Energy (60 minutes) …… $385

Tour of the Solar System (60 minutes) …… $385

Please contact us for more information via the Contact Us area.

Girl and Boy Scouts Programs

LabRatz Science Club can help your troop earn their science badges. Choose from one of our prepared programs or have us construct a program for you! We come to you and provide your troop with engaging, hands-on lessons designed to promote discovery and critical thinking. Length of programs varies, as does price. Contact us for details.

Upcoming Events

Birthday Parties!

Does your little Lab Rat have a birthday coming up? Our Science Club Birthday Parties will excite and amaze children with science games and dazzling demonstrations. The guest of honor will receive a LabRatz T-shirt and a Laboratory  Fun Bag! Choose the topic or topics that most interst you and your child and we will turn you suggestions into an exciting science-themed party performance! Fossils, Acids, Explosions, Airplanes – Anything listed above in the After-School Program topic listing is fair game!

$100.00 per hour, + $10 per child

**Presentations are custom designed to fit the interests of the Big Cheese Birthday Child**

Private Tutoring

For details, please contact us via the Contact Us area.
All levels, ages, and abilities are welcome!